Prof. Avv. Marcello M. fracanzani

Full Professor of Public Law
in the Law Faculty of Udine University

Prof. Avv. Marcello M. fracanzani


Full Professor of Public Law, in the Law Faculty of Udine University, Law Degree cum laude at the Law Faculty of Padua University, Barrister, manager of a Law Firm, Member of Administrative Bar Association of Venice, by cooptation of his President (Feliciano Benvenuti), PhD in Law, Lector, Assistant, between 1990 and 1996, than Fellow of Law Faculty in Padua University for the subject: General Theory of Law and State since 1997 to 2001, Associate Professor in the same subject, than Full Professor of Public Law since 24 September 2004 till now. Often invited by many Italian Universities, he has been appointed as teacher at Italian Military Academy, giving courses for the Carabinieri, and in other public Institutions, such as the High School for Public Administration, a branch of Home Ministry. He manages a post graduate Course for Public Economics (130 hours), that joined the seventh Edition. He studied the role of public Representation, the legal action enforced by people against the State, the administrative Trial and Public Utilities. Therefore he has called by Cambridge University to give a Paper at the symposium “Economics for the Future”, celebrating the 100 years of the Cambridge Law Faculty,

He has given Papers already in other symposium concerning Environ and Public Sources and, finally, in December 2006, at the congress for the farewell of the top Administrative Court President in Italy.

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